The variety of markers available in the art supplies market is just phenomenal, so much so that it can get very confusing. In a nutshell though there are only three different types of fillers in markers: acrylic paint, ink and oil paint. Below is some information on our best sellers.

Basically what you need the marker for will determine the best marker pens for you. One of the most popular markers that have been around for almost forever is the Posca range these markers are filled with acrylic paint, which is water based, they are very opaque in colour and very permanent. They barely have an odour and are great to use on canvas, fabric, glass, metal, paper, skate decks, surfboards and wood they really are multi-surface and will adhere on just about anything. Other acrylic based markers include the Montana range graffiti artists love these.

Ink markers are very different to paint markers and are more transparent there are lots of these on the market so I will just name a few of our most popular ones. The Copic range, these are highly pigmented permanent markers and are loved by many including artists, architects, crafters, fashion designers, tattoo artists, textile artists, illustrators and many more. These can be expensive but you can buy a Copic marker cheap when you are signed up to our VIP program. Sharpie markers are a staple item in almost any arty household and school art and office supplies, they are another permanent marker that has been around forever in a day. Here is a new one that we have grown to love, the Prockey marker. It is made of permanent ink and the ink flow is beautiful but what sets this marker apart is that you can draw, sketch or write with it on paper and it won’t bleed through. Then we have ink markers that are water-soluble like the Tombow and the Lyra, these markers are exceptional for watercolour effects and washes.

Last but not least we have oil-based markers like the Zig Painty Pens these are extremely durable and once dry are very difficult to remove. These are multi-surface markers too. If you can’t find the marker you are looking for in our online art supplies store or even in our Geelong art supplies brick and mortar store let us know and we can source it for you. We always love to check out new supplies but we can guarantee the ones above have been tried and tested.

Did you know? You can buy special bleed proof paper and pads for your markers.