Did you know? Encaustic paint is moisture proof and can be re-worked, re-worked and reworked.

Hot wax painting also known as encaustic painting is a unique art form. It is a medium that lends itself to abstract art, mixed media and sculptural pieces extremely well. Encaustic cakes can be made up of all sorts of art materials such as Damar resin, linseed oil, beeswax, oil paints and powdered pigments.

When working with encaustic cakes a palette to melt you waxes will always be by your side as it is essential to paint with the waxes while they are melted/wet. Metal tools such as palette knives and hog bristle brushes are commonly used to shape the paint onto the working surface. The wax can be manipulated while it is cooling and once it is hard on the working surface additional layers can be added. Wax encaustic is a very versatile medium; the cakes are easily re-melted to create one of a kind effects that scream spontaneity. Many different methods can be applied to keep the wax warm on the working surface, heat guns and heat lamps are excellent for achieving this and allow the artist more time to work with the medium. Encaustic art is truly fascinating when the wax layers are finally produced, wood panels and heavy weight canvases make excellent working surfaces.

Wax colours are available in a full spectrum and can be intermixed with one and other with ease creating both opaque and translucent effects. If you are not sure where to start when purchasing your supplies then an encaustic kit might be the way to go, this allows you to have all the basic supplies with little over thought. If you find the art of encaustic painting to be your medium of choice don’t forget to check out our artist VIP membership which will give you unbeatable savings on everything from rf paints, art tools, wooden panels and canvases. It will even keep you up to date with art classes and our annual encaustic workshop dates. Learning new methods of encaustic painting will keep your neurons healthy, young and that creativity pouring in.