Did you know? If you seal a wooden paint palette with vegetable oil before use it will stop your paints from absorbing into the surface.

There is a painting accessory for just about every application you can think of and they are designed for all ages too. There is the ever so popular artists colour wheel that designers love as well, there are paint sponges designed to give texture in kids paintings and there is a paint sponge brush for professionals. Not to mention the everyday accessories artists and creators use like a paint palette or palette knife that are generally staple items in the studio.

Like anything these days there are generic painting accessories and then there are ones deigned for specific mediums. For instance our watercolor spray bottle collection is a favourite amongst watercolorists and acrylic painters and our popular folding artist palette is ideal for gouache and watercolour paint where you only need to squeeze a small amount out of the tube.

It really depends on what you are working on when it comes to the right painting accessories for you. We stock paint dispensers also known as pumps that are designed specifically for large bottles of paint like the kids Splash acrylic paint and 2 litre Chromacryl bottles. To compliment this range we have paint pots in all the primary and secondary colours to match the colours and stubby paint brushes too that are coloured coded too. Then we have your basic water spray bottles that are practically disposable and fine mist artist quality water spray bottles.

Painting accessories are used in all types of learning environments and studios. Our selection will assist you with any art or craft project. Don’t forget to check out with our VIP artist membership that is designed to give you unbeatable prices without compromising quality.

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