More precious than gold: Building your creativity with our gold metal sheets

Buy gold metal sheets and be in the know. Gold metal sheets are “a thin foil used for gilding and other forms of decoration. Metal leaves can come in many different shades. Some metal leaves may look like a gold leaf but do not contain any real gold.” cited from Wikipedia

Metal leaf in art supplies can often be called composition or imitation leaf. Metal leaves are generally made of many alloys, such as aluminium, brass, copper, gold, silver and more. 

Gold leafing has been used for centuries. Today, in modern times, metal leafing, a more economical type of gilding, is a popular form of artistic expression. 

Adding a brilliant yellow shine to your artwork can make it pop and give it that little extra. 

Buy gold metal sheets. Mona’s Smile 

Applying Mona’s Smile metal gold leaf sheets is easy. It is lightweight and fragile and will stick to itself. Slow and steady is best. However, it is easy to apply to many surfaces with the same technique. For the perfect application, carefully lift a single loose leaf sheet with the backing paper.

Glue and varnish all in one

You can use gold size or Tannin sealer on canvas, cardboard, ceramics, fabric, glass, paper, polymer clay, timber and more. Leafing will adhere to dimensional and flat products.  

Step one:

Mark out your designated area. You can use pencil lines as your guide. Lightly fill the space you want to cover with gold size or tannin sealer. 


Gold size and Tannin are the same but have different branding names.    

Buy gold metal sheets step two: 

With a paintbrush, apply a thin layer where you would like the gold size to go. Gold size and Tannin sealer are waterbased. There is no need for toxic wash-up chemicals.

Step three: 

Allow five to ten minutes of curing time before applying your gold sheets once the size changes colour from white to clear. It is ready for the metal leaf adhesion. 


Depending on the thickness of the gold size application, the open time to work with it is 10 to 12 hours. 

Buy gold metal sheets step four: 

Gently lift out a metal sheet and lay it on the area to be gilded. Proceed to smooth out the air bubbles and crinkles with your hand and a Hake paintbrush. We recommend a Hake brush as the goat hair bristles are extra soft. They will easily flow over the gold metal sheets without scratching or tearing them. 


When you pick up a piece of the metal sheet, pick up the paper sheet under each metal sheet in the packaging. 

Keep the paper on top of the gold metal sheet. Directly lay both down on the size or sealer and rub to create a static to lift and stick the leaf onto the paper. 

Step five: 

Once the size or Tannin is dry. Gently brush over the gold leaf with a clean hake brush. The excess gold leaf will flake away. 


Make sure your size is completely dry before brushing. Do not be tempted to peel the gold leaf away beforehand. If you try to do this, your work will be ruined. 

Buy gold metal sheets step six:

A Hake brush is excellent to use when varnishing. It is recommended to varnish your metal leaf to prevent it from tarnishing. Seal your artwork with a waterbased or oil-based sealer. 

Mont Marte Pouring paint kit

You want to embrace art as a hobby for some easy mindfulness. But you need to figure out where to start. This kit is perfect. You can’t go by the 72pc pouring paint experience kit along with some gold metal sheets. Even if you are a complete beginner, this set will delight you. 

Fluid art is easy to do and fun, and you can quickly achieve some excellent results. Inside the Mont Marte pouring kit, you will find:

Includes 72 pieces

  • 60ml x24-coloured premixed pouring acrylic paints 
  • 60ml x2 pouring acrylic mediums 
  • 20ml x2 foil Paints 
  • 60ml Silicone oil 
  • 60ml iridescent varnish 
  • 20x25cm (7.9 x 9.8in) x4 single thick canvases 
  • x20 Wooden Sticks
  • x5 pouring cups
  • Drop Sheet
  • x2 pairs of gloves
  • Pouring basket
  • Pouring comb
  • Split pouring cup
  • x6 glitters  
  • Handy instruction booklet to get you started

Use the cups to measure your paint, then pour your colour combos onto the cardboard, canvas, paper or timber.

Tilt and watch the paint move around right before your eyes and create exciting abstract patterns with ease. This all-in-one pouring paint kit is ready when you are.

The Mont Marte all-in-one pouring paint kit is a great art gift idea. It includes everything to produce some fantastic art. Paints come premixed and ready to pour. How easy can you get?

This all-in-one kit will allow you to play with several flow and pouring techniques:

  • Dirty pour
  • Dutch pour
  • Flip cup
  • Puddle pour
  • String pull
  • Swipe pour
  • Tree ring pour


  • Shake all paints and mediums well before use to avoid separation.
  • Would you love more cells? The best results are when you use a blow torch. Add extra silicone oil. 
  • Mix additional pouring medium with your paints to increase flow.
  • Fluid art and pouring are fun but messy. Wear protective clothing. We suggest using a drop sheet to cover your work area. 
  • Lay artwork on a flat surface to dry. 
  • Depending on the thickness of your paint, it can take up to 1 or 3 days to dry. 

Once the painting is dry, it is time to add some gorgeous gold leaf. 

“An extra layer always brings an artwork together”, Australian artist Nicki Comelli.

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