At Artworx, We love supporting local teachers in our community. That is why as well as providing wholesale art supplies for schools, teachers and government institutions, we also offer any of our adult art classes to be taken as teachers pd sessions. All you need is a purchase order from your school or institution, a sense of fun and a love for learning and creating.

Any of our great adult art classes can be taken as pd workshops for teachers and if you take a look at the art classes that we have on offer, we have some great ones coming up. We offer illustration workshops, watercolour classes, abstract painting workshops, acrylic painting lessons, pastel classes, printmaking lessons, oil painting workshops, candle making classes and more. All of our art classes are taught by professional artists who have a love for the medium that they work in and a passion for passing on their skills to others. Our hands on professional development courses for teachers will give you great inspiration and we are positive you will leave with new knowledge and some ideas that can be transferred into a classroom setting. All of our classes will teach you skills that will give you confidence to pass on what you’ve learnt.

Workshops are generally scheduled on weekends and during the school holidays, so keep your eyes on our website for upcoming art classes. If you have been looking for great teacher professional development classes in Victoria, Artworx Geelong is the destination for you. We believe that by giving teachers access to great fun and informative workshops and great priced art supplies that they will continue to build a more creative, engaged world for all of us.

Our art workshops are perfect for teachers that are in the arts sector in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. They provide you with inspiration and ideas that you can translate into school art activities.