The 13cm Pocket Colour Wheel in the Art Supplies World

This easy to read Pocket Colour Wheel is a great art tool. It is a durable and very functional wheel that is printed on a glossy sturdy cardstock with a gold metal eyelet in the centre. The diameter of the Pocket Colour wheel measures 13cm, it is easy to transport by sliding it into a caseportfolio or an art box.

The Pocket Colour Wheel illustrates instantly the results of colour mixing. It shows with ease primary, secondary and intermediate colours and harmonies such as: monochromatic, complementary, analogous and triadic. This comprehensive wheel also displays chroma, hues, tints and tones that are visually easy to read.

It will help you choose colours whether you are painting with acrylicsgouachesoilswatercolours or even drawing with pastels and pencils. Simply pick the outside colour and rotate the wheel to pick an inside colour; The colour mix will then show in the window cut out in the centre.

Use this wheel as a mixing guide in art classes, at home for painting, illustrating, printmaking and mixed media projects. The Pocket Colour Wheel is a tried and true usable art tool.