4H Mars Lumograph Staedtler Pencil

4H Mars Lumograph Staedtler Pencil

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4H Staedtler Lumograph Pencil

  • High-quality drawing pencil
  • Unique lead formulation for results with a metallic lustre in a wide variety of grey tones
  • Particularly suitable for writing, drawing, sketching and hatching as well as for professional graphic and artistic applications on paper and matt drawing film
  • High break-resistance through unique lead formulation and super-bonded lead
  • Available in 24 finely graded consistent degrees: 12B, 11B, 10B, 9B, 8B, 7B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 9H, 10H
  • Lead diameter: 12B: approx. 4.5 mm, 11B-6B: approx. 3.6 mm, 5B-3B: approx. 2.5 mm, 2B-10H: approx. 2.0 mm
  • Lines reproduce well
  • Wood from PEFC-certified sustainably managed forests
  • Sharpener recommendation: Tub sharpener 511 001 or metal sharpener 510 10 for ideal sharpening results.

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4H Staedtler Lumograph Pencil

4H Staedtler Lumograph pencil: Picture this: you are surrounded by a sea of sketches at your workspace, and your mind is teeming with ideas. You reach for your trusty tool: the Lumograph Staedtler Pencil. 

Crafted with precision in Germany, this pencil is not just a tool. It is a partner in your creative journey. Whether you are sketching the blueprints of a magnificent building or drafting a captivating graphic design, this pencil ensures your visions come to life.

With its free-flowing and smooth lead, the 4H lead moves effortlessly across the paper, capturing every nuance of your imagination. It doesn’t matter if you are capturing the beauty of a sunset or the complexity of an emotion. Every line, every stroke matters. 

Ideal for:

  • Illustrating
  • Sketching
  • Writing

Used by:

  • Architects
  • Artists
  • Drafters
  • Graphic designers

The 4H Staedtler Lumograph pencil understands this. It translates every thought every feeling into a visual symphony, making it an indispensable part of your creative process.

So, embrace your creativity. Let your ideas flow. Remember, behind every great piece of art is a tool that helps bring it to life. 

The 4H Staedtler Lumograph pencil is your partner in creation

Unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life with Staedtler Lumograph- a high-quality drawing pencil. You will enjoy the unique lead formulation that produces results with a delightful metallic lustre in a vast array of grey tones. This pencil is perfect whether you are drawing, hatching, sketching, or require professional graphic and artistic applications on paper and matt drawing film.

One of the best, the 4H Staedtler Lumograph pencil

It is not just about the quality but also about the durability. Thanks to a unique lead formulation and super-bonded lead, these pencils have a high break resistance, letting you create without disruptions. You can enjoy creating artwork without worrying about your tool breaking mid-stroke.

One of the significant highlights is the availability of 24 finely graded consistent degrees- the most comprehensive range you can find. From 12B to 10H, each pencil has a distinct lead diameter to suit all your creative needs. You can quickly reproduce lines with these pencils, creating a smooth and lasting impression on paper.

What’s more? Your creativity will be contributing to the well-being of our planet. Rest assured, knowing that the wood used in these pencils comes from PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forests. 

Hot tip

Pair your Staedtler Lumograph with Tub sharpener 511 001 or metal sharpener 510 10 for optimal results; this will ensure your pencils are always ready to deliver the best results.

Design your dreams, and let your creativity flow with Staedtler Lumograph, your ultimate tool for self-expression! It is not just a pencil. It is a journey of your imagination.

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