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Titanium White Derivan Matisse Structure 4 Litre

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Big Buckets of 4 litres Derivan Matisse Structure Acrylic Paint: 

  • Titanium White Matisse Structure is a thick impasto based acrylic paint
  • Titanium White Structure paint is ideal for brush and palette knife application
  • Create textural effects with ease
  • Water-based
  • Intense, opaque colour
  • Big four-litre buckets with handles
  • Series One
  • Artist quality
  • Archival
  • Lightfast
  • Paint not prone to cracking
  • Four colours available
  • Smaller 75 ml tubes, pots and buckets in the same four-litre bucket colours are available 
  • All acrylic Matisse structure paint is compatible with flow and fluid paints and Matisse mediums
  • Both the Matisse Structure and Flow formulas can be used together on the same painting for different effects
  • The colour range for both Flow and Structure formulas are identical
  • Excellent for palette knife work
  • Matisse Structure Formula does not need to be diluted
  • You can use paint for fine brushwork without water dilution
  • Matisse acrylic paints are Australian made


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Big buckets of artist-quality paint Derivan Matisse Structure 4 litre

Bulk Titanium White Paint Derivan Matisse Structure acrylic paint is a water-based impasto paint designed for artists. It has a high pigment load and is creamy and thick.

All paint colours are series one which makes them all the one price, and all are intensely opaque. There are four colours available in the big bucket range. These include Titanium white, Antique White, Australian Ghost Gum and Mars black.

These great neutral tones can work with any painting colour scheme or project. 

You can apply this rich impasto-based paint with a paintbrush or a palette knife, and it won’t crack. You can use it as is to create texture peaks, or you can thin it down with water to create flowing effects.   

Made in Australia, only the finest pigments have been used, which makes this paint both archival and lightfast. This gallery-quality paint will withstand the test of time. 

The Matisse Structure bucket colours can be intermixed with any of the 95 Matisse Structure colours, Flow paints and inks. All paint formulas can be used together on the same painting for different effects, including metallic colours. 

You can also use bucket colours alongside any Derivan Matisse mediums

Pair the Derivan Matisse Spreader and Pouring mediums with your four-litre bucket of paint and achieve fantastic pouring effects using Australian products. Spreader medium is available in two-litre bottles, and Pouring medium in five-litre bottles. Big buckets and bottles lead to big results. With a 4-litre bucket of Matisse Structure, a few tubes of individual colours and these two mediums, you can easily create large abstract works of art.

This painting technique is commonly referred to as paint pouring or creating cells. 

Bulk Titanium White Paint Matisse Structure 4-litre paints are great for big projects and murals. You can use this artist-quality paint on boxboard, cotton canvas, linen and just about any other porous painting surface. 

Derivan Matisse Colour Chart


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