Since its conception in 1887, the brand that is Senneier has been pioneering the way of Art Supplies and materials into the future, creating the oil sticks of Picasso, and supplying De Stohl, and that manifesto hasn’t changed, although the packaging has! Take a glance at the heavy body Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Paint stand we have on view here at Artworx; home of all professional artist quality Art Supplies Geelong is proud to host, and see how the traditional Burnt Sienna 211 Sennelier Abstract Acrylic keeps all the bright pigments and light fast qualities of the traditional range of Sennelier Acrylic Paint, while minimizing waste through their plastic pouch pocket packaging, keeping your Sennelier Abstract Acrylic paint as air-tight as possible, ensuring that you get the best value and usage from your Sennelier Acrylics, so visit us in store and buy yours now!