Dame Edna Acrylic Paint Warhol’s Wife 100ml

Dame Edna Acrylic Paint Warhol’s Wife 100ml

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Dame Edna Warhol’s Wife 100ml acrylic paint satchel 

  • Dame Edna
  • 100 ml
  • Acrylic paint
  • Creamy texture
  • Easy clean up with water
  • Full-bodied
  • Paint may stain, protect clothes and furnishings
  • Student acrylic paint
  • Water-based

9 in stock

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9 in stock

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Dame Edna Warhol’s Wife acrylic paint 100ml

Dame Edna Warhol’s Wife acrylic paint 100ml; Student acrylic paint; Warhol’s Wife acrylic paints are medium-bodied acrylic paint that is creamy and bold with excellent coverage power.  

Warhol’s Wife acrylic paints are an excellent entry-level student-based paint that will give a beginner the look and feel of using an artist’s paint. Treat Warhol’s Wife acrylics like a fully pigmented artist paint, dilute them with mediums for flow and transparency or combine a gel or impasto medium to create unique textured effects. 

How to use Dame Edna Warhol’s Wife student acrylic paint

You can squeeze Warhol’s Wife acrylic paint directly onto a working surface. It will hold its shape and remain full-bodied. If you use a Hog bristle paintbrush, the colour will keep brush retention lines, but if you would like a more blended, feathery look, a soft synthetic or Taklon paintbrush and some water will do the trick. Colour shaper and palette knife application can also easily be achieved, and the pigmented colour will remain strong.

Warhol’s Wife acrylic paint will adhere to canvas, cardboard, ceramic, clay, MDF, paper and timber. The range features an intense modern colour palette that can easily paint a landscape, portrait, seascape or still life. The paints are fast-drying, highly pigmented and permanent after they have dried. All colours are non-toxic and safe for kids to use with easy wash up in soapy water. 

“We love the art supplies we create. Seeing them inspire people compels our passion for the arts,” Australian artist Nicki Comelli 

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