36×48 inch Thick Frame Standard Art Canvas Paintwell

36×48 inch Thick Frame Standard Art Canvas Paintwell

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  • Paintwell 38 mm Profile Student Canvases

    • 36×48 inches
    • 90×120 cm approximately
    • 38mm profile
    • 10 oz
    • 100% cotton duck
    • Acid-free
    • Staples on the back
    • Staple free edge
    • Triple primed with titanium white acrylic gesso


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Painting Canvas 36×48 inch Paintwell 38 mm Profile

Painting canvas 36×48 inch; Are you a beginner or intermediate artist starting a new project and needing help knowing where to start? As a beginner or student, the Paintwell range offers an affordable triple pre-primed canvas for your project. It has the basic look and feel of a professional pre-stretched artist-quality canvas without the price tag. 

A Paintwell painting canvas features an acid-free, non-yelling painting surface. It is made from 100% cotton stretched over pine timber bracing; staples are placed at the back of the canvas and can not be seen. This allows the painter or artist to cover the sides of the painting and incorporate it into their artwork. 

Here are some art supplies you can consider depending on your preference, acrylic paints, oil paints or watercolours. All will adhere well on a Paintwell 38 mm profile canvas. 

Adding paintbrushes to your painting canvas 36×48 inch

When it comes to paintbrushes, you will need various stroke types and paint applications. Look for paintbrushes that are good quality, economical and have sturdy bristles to avoid shedding. The Warhol’s Wife synthetic paintbrushes have an excellent range of heads, including detail brushes, angle, long flat, short flat, filbert, round and fan.  

Adding palettes 

Palettes are a studio essential. There are several different art palettes you can choose from. The way to go is a nice flat surface that is easy to mix your paint and medium on. Also, you want something easy to clean. Paper palettes are great to use and offer an excellent throw-away after-use option. When done, fold the palette page and throw it in the bin. No need for washing up and putting mediums and paints down the drain. There are also plastic and timber varieties. If starting a paper palette is a great option, you can purchase a more permanent palette once you get a feel for your medium and style. 

Adding an easel to your painting canvas 36×48 inch

An easel is an excellent investment for your artwork. It holds your art up, keeps it safe while you work, and helps you paint in a more comfortable position. Easels are optional but recommended, and some great options are available in the art supplies market. 

These are just a few essential art supplies for your canvas painting project if you are starting out. 

Other available sizes in the Paintwell 38 mm canvas range:

Paintwell painting canvas 38 mm profile thick

04×05″ (10x12cm)  

05×05″ (13x13cm)  

08×08″ (20x20cm)  

08×10″ (20x25cm)  

09×12″ (23x30cm)  

10×10″ (25x25cm)  

10×12″ (25x30cm)  

12×12″ (30x30cm)  

12×16″ (30x40cm)  

12×24″ (30x61cm)  

12×36″ (30x90cm)  

12×40″ (30x100cm)  

14×18″ (35x45cm)  

15×30″ (38x75cm)  

16×20″ (40x50cm)  

18×18″ (45x45cm)  

18×24″ (45x60cm)  

18×36″ (45x90cm)  

20×20″ (50x50cm)  

20×24″ (50x60cm)  

20×30″ (50x75cm)  

24×24″ (60x60cm)  

24×30″ (60x75cm)  

24×36″ (60x90cm)  

24×48″ (60x120cm)  

30×30″ (75x75cm)  

30×40″ (75x100cm)  

36×36″ (90x90cm)  

36×48″ (90x120cm)  

40×40″ (100x100cm)  

48×48″ (120x120cm)  

48×70″ (120x175cm)  

VIPositivity Paintwell 38mm painting canvas rewards 

With competitive prices and dedication towards our customer satisfaction, we here at Artworx pride ourselves on providing you with the best canvas options. Sign up for our VIPositivity points program today and get even better discounts through our store and online purchases on all the art supplies you need.  

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  1. Marie Smith (verified owner)

    Received these canvases from my online order – delivery took some time due to the couriers, but they were packed well and arrived in great condition. Can’t wait to paint on them!

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