Intense, royal violet. Very deep with very strong tinting. An unusually rare colour.

  • 90 colours each made from a single pigment
  • Carefully selected and treated pigments ensure highest quality and maximum lightfastness
  • Ultra-fine and delicate milling process
  • Pigments are dispersed within a perfectly balanced blend of natural Kordofan gum arabic and glycerine

Manufactured in Italy, Maimeri Blue Watercolours offer perfection and purity of colour across a range of 90 single pigment colours. These colours are carefully refined and respect the nature and needs of each pigment. This treatment, along with the ultra-fine and delicate milling process, ensures these watercolours have great lifting and layering ability, superior quality and the best possible lightfastness.

This is a 12ml tube of Maimeri Blu Watercolour in Permanent Violet Blue.