Pouring Paint Experience Kit Premium 72pc Mont Marte

Pouring Paint Experience Kit Premium 72pc Mont Marte

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Pouring Paint Experience Kit Premium 72pc Mont Marte

  • 72pc set Includes :
  • 24 coloured pouring acrylic paints 60ml (2 US fl.oz)
  • 4 single thick canvases  20x25cm (7.9 x 9.8in)
  • 2 Pouring acrylic mediums 60ml (2 US fl.oz)
  • 2 foil Paints 20mL (0.6 US fl.oz)
  • Iridescent Varnish 60ml (2 US fl.oz)
  • Silicone Oil 60ml (2 US fl.oz)
  • 20 wooden Sticks
  • 5 pouring cups
  • Drop Sheet
  • 2 pairs of gloves
  • Pouring basket
  • Pouring comb
  • Split pouring cup
  • 6 glitters
  • Instruction booklet


  • Water-based paint is highly lightfast and pigmented for long-lasting results.
  • Can be mixed with Amsterdam acrylic ink for various media results.
  • Made from 100% acrylic resin making it a durable art option.
  • Can be used on canvas, cardboard, metal, paper, timber and more.
  • Non-toxic for added peace of mind.
  • Low-odour formulation allows for endless hours of painting.
  • It’s non-toxic for added peace of mind.
  • The low-odour formulation allows for endless hours of painting.

4 in stock

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Pouring Paint Experience Kit 72pc have some fun

Pouring paint experience kit; if you ever wanted to start painting or do something arty and needed help figuring out where to start, this is the perfect art set for you.

It will undoubtedly help you get your art vibes on. 

The art of pouring is easy, fun and a little bit messy. Mont Marte has also put together these basic pouring kits with colour combinations that are easy to use. Coral, Golden Beach, Marina and Metallic. All the paint kits are pre-mixed, so you don’t have to worry about proportioning out your supplies. There will be no worry about muddiness or stress about correct quantities. You will love the process and create art to hang on your wall or side table.

Paint pouring is not stressful. It is an art form where you can go with the flow. The Mont Marte pouring kits are fantastic for creating easy abstract art and helping you discover your inner creativity while finding mindfulness through the processes. 

Acrylic pouring is an abstract art technique where artists pour fluid acrylic paints on a surface such as canvas, card, paper and timber to create their work. 


When starting, choose a selection of colours from a cool or warm coloured palette; this is always guaranteed to get you great results. 

Basic colour list

Cool colours

  • Cool yellow
  • Cool blue
  • Cool red

Warm colours

  • warm yellow
  • warm blue
  • warm red 

Moving on from the pouring paint experience kit, would you like a similar paint brand with tubes to experiment with? Would you like to play with extra colours? Chromacryl Australian-made acrylics do an excellent, easy-to-identify acrylic paint colour set. This set is a student-based paint, perfect for helping you identify and learn proper colour mixing.

If you would like to add an extra dimension to your artwork to make it look more accomplished, look at adding some alcohol ink, pigment powder or resin onto the final layer of the piece so that it creates another layer and looks more polished.   

The Mont Marte pouring kits make excellent art gifts for all ages and all skill levels. The paint quality differs from artists’ standards, so a limited colour palette is available.


If you love your artwork and want to protect its longevity, we recommend using a spray varnish in either matt, satin or gloss. 

Pouring Paint Experience Kit 72pc – ready to move beyond the sets?

Once you have mastered your paint pouring kit, take your art to another level by investing in individual pre-mixed bottle colours from Mont Marte or look at artist brands such as Amsterdam, Atelier Free Flow, or Matisse Fluid paints. Using artist-quality brands will open up a range of rich, vibrant colours. Suggested brands would be Liquitex pouring medium, Atelier pouring medium or Matisse. You can make the pouring mixes yourself with these paints by simply adding one medium. 

“However, as with every art form, there is more than one way to create abstract art.” Nicki Comelli 

VIPositivity pouring paint rewards 

With competitive prices and dedication towards our customer satisfaction, we here at Artworx pride ourselves on providing you with the best-pouring paint options. Sign up for our VIPositivity points program today and get even better discounts through our store and online purchases on all the art supplies you need.  

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